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I am a seasoned entrepreneur with more than 15 years experience running, managing and growing businesses. I have seen both sides of businesses, the good, bad and ugly. I’ve been a bad boss, I’ve worked with bad bosses, and oh yes, I have worked for bad bosses. I understand the need for adaptable proven communication tactics to grow a successful business and retain quality employees.

Let’s get real for a moment, “All problems, are relational problems.” Be it profit issues, turnover issues, customer service issues, most all ‘issues’ in business and in corporate can be cleared by utilizing effective communication and leadership strategies.

By empowering your teams and yourself to be better communicators, your company has the capacity to retain experienced and precious employees, grow the business exponentially, and create a cohesive company culture. These workshops below can be offered in both corporate and community settings to groups as small as 6 to as large as 600. If you have a specific request, please send me a note and we can customize to your needs.

Personality Dimensions® in the Workplace

Understanding Individual and Team Dynamics

In today’s ever evolving and rapidly moving workplace, it is crucial for employers to establish and maintain positive effective working relationships. Personality Dimensions® gives space to establish goals and communicate expectations. This workshop shines a light on the strengths of each individual within a team, reinforcing the value of everyone as a collective.

At the end of a Personality Dimensions® Introductory Workshop participants will have a stronger understanding of themselves, an appreciation of the reasons behind the actions of others and a knew found knowledge of the overall effect this has on their workplace roles and responsibilities.


Do you struggle with . . .

  • Employees that:
    • Can’t seem to get along
    • Seem to clash with others on their team
    • Lack the ability to effectively communicate
    • Have skills but lack team comradery
  • Managers that:
    • Lack the ability to coach certain team members effectively
    • Struggle with delegation and overwhelm in the workplace
    • Are challenged to find incentive solutions for staff

Reigniting YOUR Why!

When Your Why Is Big Enough, You Will Find Your How

In life you have two main goals: 1. To find your WHY. 2. To spend your life fulfilling that WHY. All too often, people get bogged down with the busyness of life, stuck in stagnation or status quo. It’s not that we don’t know ourselves, or understand our passions, its that somewhere along the line we forgot it. Living a life with purpose, on purpose is no accident. It is waking up every single day with a specific intention of moving along your goals.

In this workshop, participants will be taken down a journey of self-discovery. Taking time to reflect on where their passions and expertise collide. This is about reigniting your purpose, fulfilling your goals, and creating joy where emptiness once lived. By following the path of amazing speaker, author and philosopher, Simon Sinek, the workshop strives to have participants start with the end in mind, working backwards from there.

At the end of a Reigniting Your Why Workshop participants will have a defined WHY statement, with a clear path to achieving that goal. Not only will participants have a WHY statement, they will walk away with a new sense of purpose, and a methodology to clear road blocks as they come. [DOWNLOAD PDF HERE]

Sales Dimensions®

Increase Sales, Develop Your Personality Radar™

This workshop is designed to have sales professionals develop their Personality Radar™ enabling them to sell to all types of customers, even the ones they do not naturally connect with. 

The revolutionary Sales Wheel™ is what sets Sales Dimensions™ apart from other sales training programs. By pointing out how customers perceive the approach of a sales professional, the The Sales Wheel™ gives sound advice on how to shift their approach to create a better sales relationship.

By the end of a Sales Dimensions™ workshop, sales professionals will have the skills and techniques required to have them ‘close the deal by using the wheel’. [DOWNLOAD PDF HERE]

Lead Management

Teaching Bosses to Become Leaders

This workshop is designed to help managers move from external control psychology to internal control as the motivator that drives quality work and performance within employees. Adapting the principles by Dr. William Glasser of the William Glasser Institute

Lead Managers continually work within this system to create a non-coercive environment which encourages employees to self-evaluate and achieve success. In essence the root of lead management is the ability to ‘lead’ people to your desired results. 

By the end of a Lead Management Introductory Workshop, participants will learn to stop being a boss and start becoming a leader. They will understand how to apply the process WDEP to solve complex problems, and they will have a better understanding of the basic need profiles of their employees. [DOWNLOAD PDF HERE]


“I highly commend Terri-Ann as a speaker and facilitator in the area of communications. Terri-Ann has prepared well for the task, showing that she has gained an excellent understanding of the topics upon which she was asked to speak. Everything she has done is of high quality and professionally presented. She has led two adult groups for me and our satisfaction metrics rate her above 90% in both cases.  She has worked from the knowledge that group members have and led them into new ways of thinking. There has been obvious benefit for the group, as many of them have applied the ideas they have discovered to their work.  I thoroughly recommend her as a knowledgeable presenter in her field.”


Spiritual Field

“When looking for a Keynote Speaker for our College Graduation Ceremony, Terri-Ann was the first to come to mind!  With her zest for life, her positive approach and her messaging, I knew she would be the perfect person to send words of encouragement to our fellow graduating class. When I asked Terri-Ann to speak, she was instantly excited and humbled to be asked and jumped on the opportunity. Terri-Ann was a huge hit! She quickly gained the attention of over 200 graduates and their families in the audience. She filled the room with laughter and shared valuable life lessons for a successful future. We all have a story, and she has a fun way of telling her own. Her words of powerful, her teachings are true and her consistent love of life shines bright in everything she does. I would highly recommend Terri-Ann for any business event or speaking engagement.”


Education Field

“I’m at halfway point with my coaching with Terri-Ann, I started this because I wanted change and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I have had 20 years of negative thinking, extreme worrying and self doubt. Day one I met with her it was a breeze just like talking to an old friend never judged and constant chatter and the hour flew by. It’s not an immediate change but I see myself quickly changing how I think ,how I react, and how I handle a situation and  not everyday is perfect its a work in progress ,Thanks to Terri-Ann I have the “tools”to set me on track. I’m excited for my future for the new way of thinking for the small changes she has set me up with to make a huge impact on my life for me for my husband and for my family.”

Health Field

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