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Angela Harris is joining Terri-Ann as a guest on this week’s episode of The Balanced Perspective! Angela is the founder of Work of Heart, a business and movement created to inspire people to be their best, to do their best, and to live their best life! She knows that the difference between you and your dreams is action, and has a knack for helping people connect and get after what they truly want, without sacrificing their mental well being in the process. She also shares some of her strategies for getting through tough days, and how to make the most of the off days. If you’re a heart centred person who wants an ally in their journey of self discovery, impact and purpose, tune in and hear what Angela has to say!


How Angela went from playing and enjoying sports to being an athletic therapist in professional sports.

Angela’s journey away from the hamster wheel of life and into something more impactful, heart centered and purpose driven.

How taking action leads to a life of accomplishment and fulfillment.

What are some strategies for getting yourself out of dark days?

What is Heart Magic all about?


“It was always important to me to be a teammate and a leader on the field and off the field” – Angela

“When you’re in a very stressful place in your life or you have a lot of stuff going on around you, you can’t see the common sense solutions right in front of you” – Angela

“You can ask for help without asking for help” – Angela

“You have to stay forever curious in understanding who you are” – Terri-Ann

“Sometimes what you think you see is the result of the stories you’ve learned along the way” – Angela

“Those feelings that you thought you had were not truly what you thought they were” – Angela

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