An annual 1-day retreat designed to help you REFLECT on where you are today, RECLAIM that divine power and REJUVENATE your soul.

the balance retreat


An annual 1-day retreat designed to help you REFLECT on where you are today, RECLAIM that divine power and REJUVENATE your soul.

October 25th, 2020


Welcome to BE the balance retreat

2020 has been one wicked ride! Businesses have shut down. Employees have lost jobs. There’s a financial pull on most. Parents are stuck at home working, while also caring for wild children. Mental health issues are on the rise. There’s been an uprising worldwide against racism. Families are struggling. People are tired. The world is different.

AND YET . . . there is good around the corner for those who pay attention!

There is absolutely no limit to what you can achieve when you are equipped with the right mindset, toolsets and skillset. The way in which you perceive the world and thus, show up in it . . . has the ability to make or break your success (and your joy).

At the balance retreat, you will learn from experts, influencers and resilient people, who will give you their stories of trials and triumph, share with you their lessons, and give you the clarity you need to achieve your next BIG goal.

This isn’t some silly webinar series where you get ‘some’ advice, but need to buy more to get the entire package for transformation. NO . . . this event is the ONLY event you need all year to get your SH*T together, and finally learn how to put YOU first.

Hey, I’m TA (Terri-Ann Richards), your host of this awesome retreat!

I’m a 16+ year serial entrepreneur who’s seen the narly side of both business and life. 8+ businesses later, I’ve learned that it’s not IF you fail, it’s when you do and how quickly you bounce back up.

After years of hustling, working long hours, travelling from city to city, staying up all hours of the night, I broke. I lost my business, my marriage, my ego and ultimately myself. I learned through lots of self reflection, that life is NOT about the destination, but more so the journey of what it takes to get there.

NOW, I spend my days teaching others the tools, tricks and life hacks that I used to get myself back up and on my feet with both balance and flow as my foundation.

This event is my heart, my soul, and part of my legacy project in giving back to those who know they are destined for greatness, yet are tired of the grind.


xox TA

So what do you get when you  purchase an all access virtual pass?

Access to all LIVE Presentations

Recordings of ALL presentations

Access to expert freebies, tools, etc



This year due to all things COVID, we’ve decided to continue the momentum and create a virtual version of this amazing event.


YEAH, we get it…not exactly the same, however we are committed to making this event, BE the best one yet! . . . See what I just did there?

YOU have the power to design a life you LOVE. To create an experience, where what you do, who you are, and who you spend time with, is in absolute congruence with YOUR version of SUCCESS.

What a packed day full of information and raw emotional stories. I took so much away from this and felt so empowered.

Charity Miner


  • Learn the power of choosing YOU first
  • Understand the truth of developing resiliency
  • Discover what’s holding you back from success
  • Gain an understanding on living a balanced lifestyle
  • Learn skills in managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Bring light back to your soul and fire back to your heart
  • Discover what is standing between you and your dreams


Days Until The Event









Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors a limited # of tickets have been sponsored. If you feel you would benefit from this event, yet do not have the funds to attend, please complete this scholarship request form [HERE]. The intention to provide kick-ass females an opportunity to surround themselves with other kick-ass chicks. Regardless of your background, you belong at this event. Confidentiality assured. If you are selected to receive a ticket, an email with be sent to you by October 15th, 2020.

“YOU just may be the missing puzzle piece in another person’s world” – TA



The United Way Saint John, Kings and Charlotte brings people and organizations together to build
vibrant neighbourhoods and strengthen our community. Their roles are multiple: funder, partner,
convener, and advocate. They help people! That’s their one, single goal – to help as many people in
Saint John, Kings, and Charlotte counties as they can. They do this by investing in four focus areas:
moving people out of poverty; helping kids be successful; ensuring access to mental health services; and
breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

We will be donating 15% of every dollar to this worthy organization

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