Terri-Ann is fierce. She shows up with a strong exterior and a soft heart. Over the years I have been lucky enough to work with her in several different capacities and the one thing that always rings true is she is ‘ALL IN’. Terri-Ann leans into every moment, conversation and workshop delivered. She gives space and insight at just the exact time it is needed. Her generosity of soul is one to aspire to. I have hired Terri-Ann as a speaker on multiple occasions and it always ends in a win for both the organization and the crowd. She has a way with her speaking of making you feel like her talk is directed to you. She makes you feel the way only a mother can – giving you the true reality check you need (cause we all do), while being comforting and compassionate. She leads the path, showing you that ‘YOU got this!

Sarah Rose, Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

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