Perspective is everything and although sometimes we feel like failure can negatively impact and define us, it doesn’t have to be true for you! On this week’s episode of The Balanced Perspective, Terri-Ann welcomes author, coach and mother of 3 Siobhan Kukolic to discuss her views on failure, perspective and building discipline. This powerful conversation is easy to listen to and spans some of the biggest concepts that impact the level of success you may (or may not) be experiencing right now. Are you feeling held back? Are you putting in your best effort? Are you anxious about tomorrow? If these are questions you find yourself pondering, then you owe it to your growth to click play, and feed your brain a message of hope, possibility and most importantly: that you have what it takes to get the job done!


  • How Siobhan turned her love for the written word into a career helping people and publishing her book: The Treasure You Seek
  • How to turn rejection letters into one more yellow brick on the road leading to Oz.
  • What does it actually mean to join the “failure club”?
  • How do you build the habits and discipline required to be successful?
  • Are you scared to ask?
  • We are all leaders.


“Dr. Seuss got 43 rejections, he got a few things published, I’ll go for 100” – Siobhan

“You set out with the goal in mind but you knew in advance there were going to be roadblocks” – Terri-Ann

“It really is you win or you learn, not you win or you lose” – Siobhan

“Rejection is actually a redirection” – Siobhan

“There is success at every single corner, you just need to learn to look for them” – Terri-Ann

“If the door doesn’t open, It’s not your door” – Siobhan

“Judge yourself by your own improvements” – Siobhan

“There’s so much power when you stand tall with conviction and say ‘Here’s my choice’” – Terri-Ann


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