Energy and fire meet in this week’s amazing episode of The Balanced Perspective Podcast! Terri-Ann is joined by Master Life Coach Sherri Somers to discuss the power of personal touch, and how it lends itself to your ultimate success. Sherri had a career in Law enforcement before becoming a powerhouse entrepreneur, but the responsibility of being there for her son far outweighed the responsibility of the badge. She had a proven knack for helping inmates start businesses so that they could transition out of prison into a productive and positive life outside, so it was a no brainer for her as she made the leap from protecting the public to helping women much like herself create more revenue in their businesses. That doesn’t mean it was easy. This conversation spans an impressive number of impactful concepts, and all of them surround one crucial thing: Mastery. If you’re ready to be energized, uplifted and inspired to make huge things happen in your life and business, tune in and take notes. This one is an exciting ride!

In This Episode

  • From a law enforcement officer to full time entrepreneur: Who was Sherri before she started helping women bring in more revenue?
  • Helping low risk offenders learn business so that they could create a life after prison.
  • Do you want money, or do you want what money can give you?
  • How taking the leap to help others and asking for the sale brought Sherri from broke to successful.
  • If you can make $2k consistently, you can make $200k consistently!
  • Are you the expert or the authority on what you do?
  • Is your message clear?
  • Are you aligned with what you’re asking for?
  • How to make the “Power of One” work for you, your business and your life!


“At the time in your path, you don’t know that you’re setting up these different paths to lead you to where you are today” – Sherri

“I see you, I see these skills that you have, now let’s go forth and give it back to the world” – Terri-Ann

“What money can give us is a lifestyle to be flexible” – Sherri

“There are a lot of women who are experts that doesn’t mean they’re the authority” – Sherri

“A confused mind don’t buy” – Sherri

“You will be sick of what you’re saying way before anyone else” – Terri-Ann

“If money have your mind, you won’t win in this industry” – Sherri

“We’re built from our struggles” – Terri-Ann

“Let the struggle speak louder than the success” – Sherri

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