Now is the time to stand tall, rise to the occasion and serve! Welcome to this week’s episode of The Balanced Perspective with Terri-Ann Richards! This week, Terri-Ann is welcoming Marketing On Purpose founder Hayley Bohan to the show to discuss what entrepreneurs are missing when it comes to their overall marketing strategy! In a deep and intense discussion that ranges from Motherhood and working in corporate paradise to creating a successful marketing business fueled by passion, purpose and impact, Heyley and Terri-Ann uncover huge oversights that many entrepreneurs make when considering their marketing efforts! Want to know the most important points to consider when marketing? Are you interested in finding out the crucial first step almost everyone misses? Wishing you knew how to spend your time in the current business climate? It’s all here in this episode! Click play and be positively impacted!

In This Episode

  • How motherhood inspired Hayley to unlock her golden handcuffs and leave her corporate job in pursuit of entrepreneurship.
  • How having an exit strategy from corporate, confidence in her skills, and starting a business from a place of “must” instead of “would be nice” led Hayley to success.
  • The key things that many small business owners miss when it comes to marketing.
  •  People can succeed without learning and understanding foundational principles of marketing, so why would you want to?
  • What is Hayley’s bug “Why”, and how does it go beyond herself and her clientele to create generational impact?
  • What is the “Future Focus Your Biz” Challenge?
  • What is the most important thing a small business could be doing right now from a marketing perspective?


“You don’t have this telescopic look into the future that says ‘This is the amount of money I’m going to be making and in twelve months I’m going to be successful’” – Terri-ann

“I want to be able to drop everything and go to my daughter the first time she’s sick” – Hayley

“I couldn’t continue on and be okay with myself if I wasn’t the kind of mom I really wanted to be, because that was more important to me” – Hayley

“I’ve always thought I could do whatever I wanted to do If I wanted to do it bad enough” – Hayley

“Your goal in life is to make impact on the people you serve” – Terri-Ann

“If you’re a business owner, you’re a creator” – Hayley

“Money is the outcome of serving your community” – Terri-Ann

“The problem that people are facing is that they don’t know what the future is anymore” – Hayley

“SOme of the biggest, strongest business that exist today were built out of the hardest times”- Terri-Ann

“Right now, people need connection, They’re craving it, they need you to be there for them” – Hayley

“Now is the time to stand tall, rise to the occasion and serve” – Terri-Ann

“If you’re always looking one way and you never open it up, you’re never going to create the magic that you’re meant to create”


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