**I wrote a book**

A book about relationships. The good, the bad and the ugly.

A book about the relationship I had with myself and with my former husband.

I wrote a book because the idea of writing a book, quite literally had me wanting to run in a corner to hide.

I wrote to hold myself accountable. Accountable for my actions, and to teach others from my past.

I wrote a book about my life as a married woman, a woman who led with her ego, and allowed her past to dictate her future.

A story about how relationships are hard and yet, worth it.

I wrote a book to shed light on the areas of a relationship that become the easiest to ignore. The ‘death by a thousand paper cuts’ areas, that overtime whittle away at the very foundation of even the strongest of relationships.

Through my own pain, I found a path. A path to discovering the true version of Me. Not the version I let the world see. Not the version my former husband learned to know. The version of Me today, the woman who leads with her heart and soul, who knows herself deeply and understands the value and conviction in forgiving her past. I discovered how my mistakes quickly became my biggest teacher.

A book like this is hard to write. Hard because I bare all. I let you see my scars, my weaknesses and my stubborn ego. I let you have a bird’s eye view of my truth.

My goal is simple: Change one life, empower one woman or man to take a long hard look in the mirror and reflect on how all the power of change is within. Save a marriage, a heartache or a family breakdown.

Through my struggles and my pain has come my greatest blessings. I have learned that I am not defined by my past, that communication is the holy grail in relationships, and that knowing myself is the key to life’s joy. I have learned how to forgive and let go. To keep the teachings of my past in my pocket for times of struggle. I’ve learned to accept where I am weak, and hustle to become strong. I’ve learned that it takes 2x to tango.

“Why I Divorced My Husband: One Woman’s Story of neglected love, ego and self-discovery” hits Amazon soon. I am both scared and excited.

I am grateful for the support I have received in both the writing of this book AND the completion of it. The belief of my partner Moe Martell in me, is awe-inspiring. He pushes me daily, always reminding me to follow my life’s purpose. To my coach, Dana Lloyd, her ability to hold me accountable to my goal and help me kick the negative talk out of my mind led me to finally completing this book.

A note to any of you who read this post:

“I believe you have a goal, a dream, or a to-do right now on your list of ‘wants and desires’. I believe you have been putting this goal off for far too long. As someone who has sat in her own ‘shit’ and watched opportunities for greatness pass me by, I encourage you to stand tall. Stand up and move towards whatever it is you desire. Life is but once. This is it, right here. You don’t get a second shot at this life.

Don’t wait for Monday, next year, or even tomorrow.

Want a better relationship with your spouse?
Do something different! Call him/her, ask them how their day is. Send flower. Put your phone away. Tell them you believe in them. Listen with empathy. Choose them, daily.

Want to start a business? Decide what, and then do. Call someone who has done it before you, ask them for mentor-ship. Join your local chamber. Research online. Failure is an option and not the worst thing that will happen. Not starting, not trying is the worst.

Want to write a book? Go grab a pen and paper and start writing! Your first draft will not be perfect. Call someone who has done it before, ask for help! Do it!

Want to lose weight? Get up right now and go for a walk, rain and all! Ask yourself WHY you want to loose weight, and make sure it has more to do with YOU than anything externally. Start now and do something different.

Want to learn to love yourself? Write a list of 10 things you are awesome at and proud of. Spend time with positive people. Join a self-esteem course online or locally. Write love notes to yourself and place them around your home.

YOU have everything you need to achieve the success you want, inside you. One step at a time added to a sprinkle of faith, a mountain of perseverance and a touch of ‘asking for help’, and YOU too can achieve anything you have every wanted.

“The grass is greener where you water it” – Neil Barringham ….so get to watering that dream. TODAY!

Whether I become a best selling author, or I don’t sell a book past my own friends and family. I am proud. Proud that I have done something that scares the shit out of me, proud that I may touch just one life, and proud that I have accepted my past and learned from it.

[NOTE: I did become a BEST Selling Author, making it to Amazon’s top 20 in just two short weeks under my niche]

You can purchase a copy here!


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