Life, quite literally is a myriad of choices. Some would even say an epic, yet beautiful mosaic. Go left, go right? Say yes, say no? Choices. We all have them, and they all have a positive OR a negative affect on our time. 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, 10080 minutes in a week. We all are blessed with quite literally the exact same amount of time daily. The difference is in how we utilize that time.

This blog was actually my speech recently at a Toastmasters meeting. I knew in advance that a speech from me was due the following week, yet somehow through my 10080 minutes within that 7 day span, I decided to pursue other goals, dreams, and desires. It wasn’t until the exact day before my speech was due that I realized I didn’t know how to move forward in my Toastmasters online platform, thus, didn’t know what my next speech was due to be on.

In an effort to not look like a complete a$$ and still push through my Toastmasters pathway, I decided to write a speech on time. Funny, I know. As I certainly did not give myself enough time for this conundrum. I looked at the next link, to which I couldn’t exactly click on, and choose the very next title I saw as my speech. ‘Time Management’. It’s rather ironic or funny to think the girl who didn’t give herself enough time, now was going to do a talk on time.

Now, before you all get carried away with your notions of my techie inabilities. I want to point out that this was not a ME problem. It was more of a me vs process problem. Or maybe a me, vs new technology problem. OK, maybe it was a me issue. Nonetheless. Time management it was.

I typically work very well under pressure. Give me a month, I will take a month. Give me 24 hours, and I will complete within that frame. Right or wrong, it seems to be where I thrive.

I by nature am known as a serial entrepreneur. I’ve owned and operated several businesses since the age of 19. I thrive on the hustle of a new business, the late nights, the risk. I’ve done this throughout my career, whilst raising two beautiful babies. (Currently 17 and 12).

It wasn’t until my early thirties that I realized a few very distinct life lessons.

  1. You best run your time clock or your time clock will run you.
  2. Figure out your WHY. Who are you at your core?

PAUSE. Say what? You right now are trying to decipher whether or not we are still on the same article? How the hell is time management and core values written in the same article?

Read on…

Have you ever worked like hell to earn the right to work on a project, or get a promotion, or land a investment deal? We’ve all had something we’ve worked hard for, be it business, relationships or personal endeavours. You do this because they are aligned with your goals. You find the time to push through obstacles. You work like a dog to make it happen. They feed a part of your inner core. They excite you to think and dream about.

Now, let’s reverse this. Have you ever done something you don’t enjoy. Something you must do, yet, you prefer not to. ‘Laundry anyone?’ You drag your feet, you make excuses. These activities are NOT part of your core. They don’t align with your goals. You don’t go out of your way to make time to complete these tasks.

When you understand your core, you can properly manage your time. Or so I believe.

So, what are your core values? There are a ton of ways you can learn and decipher what they are. Google “Find your core values” or “Core value test”, or easier you can click here to receive my FREE 5 min core value worksheet.

What are core values, you ask? Well, in a nut shell these are the values that encompass your behaviour and actions. They dictate who YOU are, when nobody is looking.

A quote I have always enjoyed is:

“It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” – Roy E. Disney

Think of it like this. Picture your core value system as a light house beacon in the middle of the fog. The fog being the chaos and uncontrollable of life. It’s so very easy to get lost on the path. Yet, if you look towards the light (ie. your core value beacon system), you are never truly lost. You can navigate safer, prouder and more tenaciously than you could without the light.

It’s interesting, as I have shifted through life and grown into the much more mature adult that I am today, vs my younger years, I have realized my navigational system has shifted. Some of my core values, have shifted or maybe even arouse. Thus, my priorities and goals have changed.

I am not someone who gets up at 6am to go to a meeting for 7am. Yet, here I am a newly formed Toastmaster, doing just that. Why? Because my core values and priorities have changed. Due to this change, by understanding my core values, I have realized that my schedule needed to change. My management of my time, required a shift.

When you know and understand your core values, you can manage your time better. You say NO where it matters and YES where it counts.

So ask yourself right now.

  1. Do you know your core beacon system?
  2. Do you make decisions based on it, or the expectations of others?
  3. How would you rate your time management?

In developing these new habits and understandings on the importance of CORE VALUES, I realized something. ‘IT’ in and of itself is helpful towards your plight to success. However, it is NOT the ‘end all be all.’

Knowing your core values is only part of the solution. Once you know your core, you can begin to prioritize what is important. This is such a powerful place to be in. By itself, it is a powerful tool and decision assistant. Now comes the hard part. People. It is important to know who is IN your corner or who is in your WAY.

  1. Who are your accountability partners?
  2. Are there people you need to engage and motivate to join your team?
  3. Are there naysayers, negative nelly’s or energy suckers that you need off your team?

I know, it sounds crazy to talk about time management, core values and people all in one article. Yet, on this epic path of life I have learned that they all have a role to success.

But what there’s more . . .

  • You get that you need to understand your core values.
  • You also understand that these help you set your priorities.
  • You know your people. The good, the bad and ugly.

Now, you need the process.

Think of life as a teeter totter. An ever moving piece of play equipment that for a singular moment in time seemingly has BALANCE. Yet, a ‘seesaw’ as it is also know is never truly in balance. It ebs and flows, balancing the weight of the objects on it’s back.

Life, is similar. The ability for you or I to find success all lies in our ability to utlize our time efficiently. Our capacity to find the all might ‘life balance.’ The truth is balance exists, and it is also a myth. It is a myth in the way that the modern world has spun it. You cannot have it all, at once, all the time. It is not obtainable. Something will suffer. Short term. The beauty in understanding your core, getting your priorities in check, is that it gives you the ability to truly triage your life.

  • There are things you MUST do today.
  • There are things your SHOULD do today.
  • and then there are the Things you COULD do today, if you had the time.


  • I must write 3 hours in my book today to meet the deadline of August 1st.
  • I should finish the email I was sending my aunt.
  • I could go to the beach, if I have time.

Balance is just a series of choices, based on core value system in which created your priority system, which is supported by your tribe, your peeps.

So, what is time management?

I believe it is the fight for balance in this chaotic, epic life we are all living.

  1. Know your core.
  2. Develop your priorities.
  3. Figure out who your tribe is.
  4. All of this will justify your process.

I call it, the ‘Balance Equation.’

As Rumi once said “Life is a balance of holding on, and letting go”

So, what will you let go today? What will your grasp tight of?



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