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My Journey to Write a Book

I was probably twenty-one when I first decided that someday I would be an author. I spent my entire teenage years writing short stories and poems as an outlet to my extreme circumstances. At twenty-one, the idea of writing a book as exciting as it looked in my head,...

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I Wrote A Book

**I wrote a book** A book about relationships. The good, the bad and the ugly. A book about the relationship I had with myself and with my former husband. I wrote a book because the idea of writing a book, quite literally had me wanting to run in a corner to hide. I...

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How To Actually Manage Your Time

Life, quite literally is a myriad of choices. Some would even say an epic, yet beautiful mosaic. Go left, go right? Say yes, say no? Choices. We all have them, and they all have a positive OR a negative affect on our time. 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, 10080...

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Would You Just F#cking Listen!

It still boggles my mind, that in a world where one of the single most important skills we as humans must have to be successful in business, relationships and all the in-between is communication, yet so many of us lack it. Why? Why are we so easy to request a...

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How Being Comfortable Led to My Demise

I know you hate failing. So do I. Yet, we can both sit here and agree that falling is a part of life. It somehow is the reason we continue to grow and learn from our past mistakes. Although some of us may take a few f*ck ups to get it right. That part, isn't going...

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