The ONLY WHOLE LIFE Online course & Group Coaching Program designed by BOTH a Health & Fitness Coach AND a Personal Development & Reality Therapy Coach from right here in New Brunswick. An online format that has EVERYTHING a woman like yourself needs: accountability, focus, tried and true life hacks, goal setting, mindset resets, mentor-ship, a blend of self-work, group live video calls, and 1:1 coaching, all done from the comfort of your own home! Pj’s not included 🙂

Finally, a program created BY WOMEN, FOR WOMEN.

Facilitated by Coaches: Cheryl Moore & Terri-Ann Richards


90 Days to a NEW You!

It starts and ends with YOU! Over the next 90 days, you will DISCOVER your WHY. You will will learn the POWER of CHOICE. We will CHALLENGE your old BEHAVIOURS. You will redefine your own personal definition of what perfection is. You will set new HABITS, and evolve your relationship with food, time, thoughts and feelings. We will RESET your MINDSET. Your confidence will be sparked and WE will CELEBRATE your strengths. At the end of our journey you will be set for SUCCESS!

Hey! We are Cheryl Moore & Terri-Ann Richards AND #90DAYMINDBODYROADMAP IS OUR BRAINCHILD

Cheryl Moore,

Health & Fitness Coach

From a stay at home mother of 2, to successful fitness business owner. In the last 10 years I went from working on someone else’s dream to creating one of my own. I am a certified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutrition Coach and am the strength and conditioning coach of the Black Bears girls’ softball team. Over the years I have inspired and motivated hundreds of men, women and children in our community through fitness to finally enjoy exercise and fit it into their busy lifestyle. As a result they burn fat, feel better and begin to live life to each of their full potential. My philosophy is “Physical Strength, Brings Mental Strength and Strength of Character”. It was going through my own journey of wanting to be in the best physical and mental shape I could that I discovered the link to unlocking permanent success in my own life. I figured out how to stop looking vertically to what the world was trying to sell me and I started to look inward at the healing work that needed to be done.

I know what I do works, I also understand the value and importance of working inward. This is why I believe the #90DayMindBodyRoadmap is going to finally up YOU up to lasting change!

Terri-Ann Richards,

Personal Development & Reality Therapy Coach

As a serial entrepreneur since my teens, I have been building, buying and selling businesses for over 15 years. I understand 110% what it takes to set a goal and achieve it. I’ve learned over the years that there is NO true-life balance, there are only life priorities. What you focus on expands, and if you are intentional and build a solid foundation, you’ll focus on the right things, and achieve the ultimate of successes.  A few years ago, I made the decision to move from owning tangible businesses to taking everything I have learned in both business AND in life and teaching those lessons to others. I’ve spent the last few years training with the best, learning processes and practices that create CHANGE in others. Over this time, I noticed a shift. A shift in the way woman were yearning for change. Yearning for a way to push through their limiting beliefs and break free of their own glass lids.

But I hit a roadblock. While women were achieving resets in their mindset and creating new habits personally and professionally, they were still struggling with their health. Their relationship with food, water, sleep and fitness was mis-aligned with their awesome personal and professional goals.

This realization empowered me to see the missing link. HEALTH is a required input or key indicator to achieving personal and professional success. No amount of success in business, relationships or life in general are sustainable without your mental and physical health in order. And so, the idea for the #90DayMindBodyRoadmap was born.

My goal was very simple: A. locate and partner with a kick-ass Health & Fitness Coach and collaborate and B. create an easy, professional, complicated-free course that is a hybrid mix of self-work, mentor-ship, group coaching and 1:1 coaching. All in a package that even non-techy folks can master!

The #90DayMindBodyRoadmap is exactly that (and more!), and if any of what I just described resonates with you – then WE designed this you.


Things you WON'T have to do if you buy the #90DayMindBodyRoadmap:


Worry about navigating your life goals alone


Waste time & money attempting to figure out what YOU actually need to do everyday to reach your goals


Learn complicated and ineffective practices


Feel awkward or silly for asking real, honest and authentic questions


Be pressured in purchasing any additional services from either coach


Contemplate giving up on your goals and vision, again, because you haven’t achieved the desired results


Things you WILL have to do if you buy the #90DayMindBodyRoadmap:


Follow the easy course material that is delivered conveniently into your inbox every two weeks, giving you an opportunity to digest and self-reflect prior to our bi-weekly group coaching video calls. All homework is optional, as we know all to well how ‘busy’ life can get.


Develop new transformational life habits, hacks and processes that will empower you to achieve YOUR ultimate success. 


Build relationships in a safe, open and confidential environment with your new peer group.


Paint the picture of what YOU really want in life, and then set the path to HOW you will get there. (with some help, of course!)


Celebrate and bask in the glory of your achievements! 



A Complete Whole Life Program

There is but one life. Everything you need to create and sustain the life you want is already included in this 90 day hybrid program.


Optional Homework

On a bi-weekly basis you will receive video and coursework to do on your own time, conveniently sent to your personal inboxes.


The single most important element in fueling success in life is accountability and you get 2 Professional Coaches + the awesome like-minded peers in this program to utilize at every step of the way!


Recommended resources, tools and content that WE the Coaches have read, tried and tested, giving you even more opportunities to further your learning and effectively grow.

Safe Space

This WOMAN ONLY group is designed to allow for a safe, open and trusting environment. You are encouraged (never required) to talk candidly about goals, challenges and dreams.


Set Your Goal & Vision

How will you know if you have arrived, if you don’t know where you are going? We are going to get clear about where you are today, and where you want to go. Customized to you, for you. No cookie cutter goals here!

Discover & Debunk

What are you consuming? From the food you eat to the thoughts you think. The curriculum takes you on a self-reflective processes, asking you to dig deep into limiting beliefs, hard-wired habits and key stressors that may be holding you back. Debunking along the way any old myths that may be stale dated.

Celebration With Peers

At the end of your 90 day journey, you will have the skills, path and plan to achieve the ultimate of success. Time to celebrate!

Set it Up

Once we’ve knocked out limited behaviours and habits, we will begin to setup new ones. Creating a better relationship with food, water, sleep and our emotions, while developing better time management skills.

Locate YOUR Strengths

Locate and learn to focus on your unique key strengths. Break free of fears and anxieties and build your confidence.

Unlock the Future

No more pushing away past baggage and saving it for later. Only to have it bubble back up to the surface and cause more harm than good. Using the Reality Therapy process, and a series of highly effective cognitive therapy steps, we will hit reset on our mindset. Forgiving the past and paving a path to a brighter future.

Create the Plan

With your 360′ LIFE goal and vision at the forefront, this course will help you to develop the path to get you there.

+ FREE Closed Facebook Group Membership

FREE access to a closed Facebook Group with just your group peers, where you can get technical help, inspire and get inspired by other like-minded women, and get access to unique and exclusive new training as it launches before the general public.

+ BONUS 1:1 Personal and Health Coaching Session with Cheryl and Terri-Ann at your mid-way point

This all sounds great But…

Is the #90DayMindBodyRoadmap Course really as good as it sounds?

YEP! And if you want to know more and understand why, review the questions and answers below! Also, checkout both Cheryl and Terri-Ann on their company FB pages, where you can see what other folks just like you are saying about the impact they have made!

When does the course start?

Shortly after you make the payment for your spot with the #90DayMindBodyRoadmap, we will send you an email with instructions and the 1st week theme coursework. The LIVE group training calls are set to begin on June 10th, from 6-8pm and biweekly from there. Once we have reached capacity, you will receive an email giving all the pertinent details.

How often do we meet for LIVE calls?

Once we launch the calls are scheduled to happen on a bi-weekly basis, with coursework being sent to your inbox on the opposite weeks. Giving you time to digest, reflect and do any coursework you are able to achieve before our next group call.

Is it REALLY only $297? Are there any hidden costs?

It REALLY is only $297 (one time fee!) and there are no hidden costs! We recognize that while we may have years and years of experience in the areas covered in the course, this is also our first time creating an online course. This fee was created based on those two contributing factors. We feel the course is worth so much more, however will be looking to you for feedback over the next 90 days to ensure we are making the impact we so feel we will.

Employees working within the educational system of New Brunswick will receive $50 off from May 3rd to May 5th, 2019.

What software requirements do I need to do the LIVE calls?

The only software requirements you require is to download ZOOM [here], and have it on your desktop OR mobile device. You will also need to ensure you have a webcam (if using desktop), and a suitable microphone/headset. Zoom is free to download, and is a very safe and secure software. Additionally, you will want to have access to Facebook, so you can take advantage of our private FB group for your course.



What if I need help?

If you have any quick questions while you are working through your coursework, we will gladly answer them and help! As a #90DayMindBodyRoadmap customer, you also get FREE access to our closed Facebook Group where you can get technical help, and access to unique and exclusive updates regularly. You are not alone on this journey and we will not leave anyone “stuck” with an issue! We will work with you and help you solve the problem or challenge in the group, by making a special video tutorial for you or even by jumping on a quick call. No worries, we are here!


The only thing standing between you and achieving the success you wish to have in life is the #90DayMindBodyRoadmap


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