I help overworked, impact driven entrepreneurs create a fully integrated life process and grow a profitable business without sacrificing the life they love.

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I help overworked, impact driven entrepreneurs create a fully integrated life process and grow a profitable business without sacrificing the life they love.

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1:1 Coaching

As a Personal Development Coach for Leaders, I work with people who want to bust through their own personal glass lids. Understanding that their growth is a direct correlation to their own personal development. This is an opportunity to facilitate a conversation in a safe and confidential environment, with a seasoned entrepreneur and coach working as your trusted advisor. Where the focus is entirely on YOU and your goals. As your coach, I use my experience in business, as well as a process called Reality Therapy® to provide structure, alignment and support, triggering you to define your Balance Equation™; Priorities, People, and Process.


As a trained facilitator in both Personality Dimensions® and Choice Theory®, Reality Therapy® and Lead Management®, as well as EQ-i 2.0® and EQ-360®, I offer Corporations, Not for Profits, and Community Groups the ability to eliminate conflict, appreciate diversity, improve communication and facilitate positive changes. With over 8 years experience in facilitation, I bring a unique approach to your organization, event, retreat or AGM, utilizing real life scenarios and challenges to integrate learning and deepen understanding of each others different perspectives. Designed for groups of 6 to 600+.


Through sharing of my own experiences and expertise, I bring to your audience a stripped bare, no-holds back, fear-less and fun performance. Keynote and seminar presentations are designed to be relatable across many sectors and industries. My talks inspire, motivate and empower others to see the value in finding their authentic voice, pushing through fears, and removing limiting beliefs. If you are looking for a spark igniter for your sales team, a courageous catalyst for your graduation ceremony, or an awe-inspiring action taker for your company retreat, look no further, I’m your gal!

Reviews From Happy Clients

“I highly commend Terri-Ann as a speaker and facilitator in the area of communications. Terri-Ann has prepared well for the task, showing that she has gained an excellent understanding of the topics upon which she was asked to speak. Everything she has done is of high quality and professionally presented. She has led two adult groups for me and our satisfaction metrics rate her above 90% in both cases.  She has worked from the knowledge that group members have and led them into new ways of thinking. There has been obvious benefit for the group, as many of them have applied the ideas they have discovered to their work.  I thoroughly recommend her as a knowledgeable presenter in her field.”


Spiritual Field

“When looking for a Keynote Speaker for our College Graduation Ceremony, Terri-Ann was the first to come to mind!  With her zest for life, her positive approach and her messaging, I knew she would be the perfect person to send words of encouragement to our fellow graduating class. When I asked Terri-Ann to speak, she was instantly excited and humbled to be asked and jumped on the opportunity. Terri-Ann was a huge hit! She quickly gained the attention of over 200 graduates and their families in the audience. She filled the room with laughter and shared valuable life lessons for a successful future. We all have a story, and she has a fun way of telling her own. Her words of powerful, her teachings are true and her consistent love of life shines bright in everything she does. I would highly recommend Terri-Ann for any business event or speaking engagement.”


Education Field

“I’m at halfway point with my coaching with Terri-Ann, I started this because I wanted change and I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I have had 20 years of negative thinking, extreme worrying and self doubt. Day one I met with her it was a breeze just like talking to an old friend never judged and constant chatter and the hour flew by. It’s not an immediate change but I see myself quickly changing how I think ,how I react, and how I handle a situation and  not everyday is perfect its a work in progress ,Thanks to Terri-Ann I have the “tools”to set me on track. I’m excited for my future for the new way of thinking for the small changes she has set me up with to make a huge impact on my life for me for my husband and for my family.”

Health Field


How to Pivot Your Business to Survive

Over virtual coffee the other day, chatting with an old friend, we were talking about all the chaos transmitting from the state of the world as it is right now. We chatted about business, and how some of our near and dear friends were going to need to pivot, and...

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My Journey to Write a Book

I was probably twenty-one when I first decided that someday I would be an author. I spent my entire teenage years writing short stories and poems as an outlet to my extreme circumstances. At twenty-one, the idea of writing a book as exciting as it looked in my head,...

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I Wrote A Book

**I wrote a book** A book about relationships. The good, the bad and the ugly. A book about the relationship I had with myself and with my former husband. I wrote a book because the idea of writing a book, quite literally had me wanting to run in a corner to hide. I...

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How To Actually Manage Your Time

Life, quite literally is a myriad of choices. Some would even say an epic, yet beautiful mosaic. Go left, go right? Say yes, say no? Choices. We all have them, and they all have a positive OR a negative affect on our time. 24 hours in a day, 365 days in a year, 10080...

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Would You Just F#cking Listen!

It still boggles my mind, that in a world where one of the single most important skills we as humans must have to be successful in business, relationships and all the in-between is communication, yet so many of us lack it. Why? Why are we so easy to request a...

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How Being Comfortable Led to My Demise

I know you hate failing. So do I. Yet, we can both sit here and agree that falling is a part of life. It somehow is the reason we continue to grow and learn from our past mistakes. Although some of us may take a few f*ck ups to get it right. That part, isn't going...

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